Category: Market Commentary

Headlines vs Bottom Lines

Headlines vs Bottom Lines June 1, 2017 | Print View Market prices are a reflection of all things known and the collective wisdom of all things expected to be known. The market constantly evaluates all factors, be they fundamental, technical or political. Corporate earnings is an example of a fundamental […]
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We Have Reached Our Cruising Altitude

“We Have Reached Our Cruising Altitude” May 2, 2017 | Print View Those are always comforting words when flying. The pilot will usually follow up with a comment about turning off the seatbelt light and telling passengers they are free to move about the cabin. There is usually a safety […]
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First Quarter Review

First Quarter Review April 3, 2017 | Print View If you like action, the first quarter was fast and furious. The stock market continued to find new highs on a daily basis with the Dow Jones Industrial Average surpassing 20,000 for the first time. Before the market caught its breath, […]
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